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[text:] you have some exciting dreams then. [text:] yah i'm only telling you to write it down so you won't forget, silly. [text:] xoxo

[text] never as exciting as reality though. but a lonely man can only make do~

[text] i’m not gonna forget something important like that! give me more credit. 

waifu probably threatens to leave if cain so much as accidentally blinks at a female —

[text:] don't get ahead of yourself. [text:] good boy~ [text:] write them all down and i'll do the same. [text:] love you. xoxo

[text] hey i can dream, can’t i?

[text] no, it’ll be a surprise~ :3 

[text] love you too!

[text:] it's only for three days. don't tell me you can't think of more than one activity, cain. [text:] secret~

[text] I can think of exactly /one/ activity for three days~~

[text] but alright, i’ll think of something to do for a date. anything to please my baby after all.

raine’s has no boobs.

he loves her for the personality —

[text:] i would never get sick of doing anything with you~ [text:] besides it's not like we'd be doing the same thing over and over~

[text] neither would i~

[text] but there’s only so much we could do for dates. 

[text] did you already have something in mind though?

i like seeing cain be pushed around by children 

The beginning of a beautiful friendship.